Incorporate a Managed Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOCaaS) to enhance security, attain compliance, and fulfill regaulatory prerequisites. 24/7 Protection.

How does it solve your business needs?

Multi-tenant security software solution as a service Secure your organization’s vulnerability with an absolute Security solution on board.

  • Monitoring, detection and response to cyber threats 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Visibility, transparency and accountability of data through state-of-the-art SIEM
  • Reduced cost and business aftermath of security incidents
  • Capital Competitive advantage
  • Meet the compliance, staying ahead of the competitors

Our Approach


Tier 1: Front-Liners (Alert Analysts)

This tier carries out continuous monitoring of the alerts sent to the users, treatment of security alerts if urgent, and monitoring the health of security sensors and endpoints. In general, all the potential threats are marked and treated. If the treatment is unsuccessful, the needful data and contexts are collected and passed on to Tier 2.

Tier 2: Support team (Incident Responder)

After the collected data is passed on, a deep-dive incident analysis is carried out. Upon the impact of threats to a critical system or data, remedies are advised on how to analyze the threat detection properly.

Tier 3: Digital Forensic (Subject Matter Expert)

This tier executes in-depth analysis on network, endpoint, threat intelligence, forensics and malware reverse engineering, and functioning of specific applications or underlying IT infrastructure. Mainly, this tier contributes in developing, tuning and implementing threat detection analytics.

Tier 4: SIEM Engineers

They have the lead responsibility for the delivery of Vairav CTMS, the chief software of SOC. Focused on providing associated solutions for SIEM, they serve as an escalation point for critical and complex client issues, i.e., performing configuration and testing of products, assisting in the development and documentation of the work processes and training the members of the team.

Tier 5: Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts

They are mainly responsible for cyber threat information and intelligence collection analysis, production and distribution of finished intelligence products to the CSOC team.

SOC Manager

Closely involved in the architecture, the manager oversees resources that include personnel, budgets, shift scheduling and technology strategy to meet SLAs. Also, he/she communicates with management, serving as a major business-critical incident handler, providing overall direction for the SOC and overall security strategy

With the blend of SIEM and CSOC solution,

Vairav provides an absolute security solution to clients with 24X7 Detection, Response and Resilience of potential vulnerabilities and security threats.

 Some of the beneficiaries Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) as a Service availed by Vairav are as mentioned beneath: 

  • Usage of 4th Generation CSOC that blends Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence together
  • Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence Department, available 24/7 
  • Proactive SIEM Engineering Department, available 24/7 
  • Advanced Cyber Threat Hunting for Proactive Cyber Threat Identification, based on use-case and hypothesis
  • Big Data Security Analytics 
  • Support and assistance from Tier 2 and Tier 3 for Manual Incident Response and Digital Forensics
  • 24/7 security monitoring and management 
  • Fully customized Security Operations Center as per the client's requisites
  • Own Security Operations Center with a provision of 24/7 dedicated support
  • Diverse support measures for clients such as Maintenance support, Troubleshooting support, Primary Incident Response Support and other regulatory support approaches


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