What is Information Security Consultancy ?

VAIRAV offers policy and implementation level information system consulting services to businesses that use IT as their enabler. In the case of a fully present in-house system and software development team, VAIRAV stimulates system security and analysis services, reducing the proximities of errors and problems.

How does it solve your business needs?

Stability , Availability and Security of sensitive information

It is a consultation service to identify and secure any network weaknesses, recommending the needful hardware and software upgrades, stimulating system security and analysis services in turn reducing the proximities of errors and problems.

  • 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center & managed Application Testing
  • Identification of intrusion and cyber security breaches via managed SOC
  • 24/7 cyber security consulting services and support

Features of

Information Security Consultancy


The data/information is made available to authorized personnel whenever necessary. With properly functioning systems, security controls and communication channels that are resilient against cyber threats, the data is made available as per the requirement.


The data remains confidential in the form of encryption, only available to authorized parties. The information is organized and accessible as per the requirement only.


It refers to the certainty that the data is not corrupted or subjected to unauthorized modification, be it intentional or unintentional. During the upload or transmission, the consultants assure that the integrity of data is maintained at its best.


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