A team full of System Auditors, Software, Database and Network Engineers
who carry out complete Information System Audits, VAIRAV follows the
ISACA Information System Audit Standards and Guidelines while conducting
the audit process.

How does it solve your business needs?

Excellent Operational & Information System Audit

IS Audit aids to achieve the business objectives of your organization with an efficient, productive and improved operational excellence.  

  • Reliability and integrity of stored / communicated information
  • Safeguarding of corporate assets 
  • Effective and efficient use of resources 

Our Offerings

Vairav performs IS Audit of the organizations implementing ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification addressing the security of organization, where the valuable data and information assets are securely controlled.

Some of the IS Audit beneficiaries that Vairav provides are mentioned as beneath:

  • The valuable information is kept secure and confidential
  • Absolute assurance of managing and mitigating the risk to the stakeholders
  • Compliance Meet
  • Competitive advantage
  • Protection of information assets of the organization
  • Enhanced trust and satisfaction of customers
  • Consistency in delivery of the service or product
  • Minimization and preparation for overall risk exposures
  • Establishment of a security posture in organization

Our approach

Vairav undertakes 5 stages to carry out IS audit of an organization:


This stage is responsible for the execution of the project. Verification, Testing and Evaluation of IT controls, General controls, Application controls, IT security and End User controls is carried out with the aid of various testing and verification techniques during the audit process.

Initiation Planning

This stage is responsible for initiation of the project. The key project parameters, project plan, project monitoring mechanisms are finalized before starting off with the project, which ensures the success of the project.

Issue of Report

In this stage, gap assessment test is performed to verify the existing controls, comparing them with the standard controls verified by ISO, CISO or the team. Moreover, the discussions and communication made with business owners, issue of the Draft report with recommendation to remediate the discovered gaps is carried out.

Final Report Issue

In this stage, the final report on the core findings exercised with the best practice and standards is issued and presented to the clients. The report shall consist of high level executive summary for the management and the detailed findings aided by recommendations with audit findings classified as low, medium or high within each specific audit.


After the final report is submitted, Vairav presents the findings along with further steps to be taken for remediation to the management and other partials. Also, proactive communication to highlight significant deficiencies in the control environment is carried out with audit committee or responsible authorities.


Vairav provides the Final Report issued after the IS audit of the organization.

The report shall cover the following essentials:

  • System Characterization
  • Threat Identification
  • Vulnerability Identification
  • Control analysis
  • Likelihood of Determination
  • Impact Analysis
  • Risk Determination

As a deliverable, the final IS audit report is submitted consisting of:

  • Detailed Observation
  • Control Gap
  • Deviation and local law requirements
  • Deviation from Internal best practices
  • Risk Implication
  • Risk Impact (Adverse)
  • Recommendation (Corrective actions)
  • Action Plan


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