Jun 02, 2021


The world has turned complete upside down with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting day to day life of every human being. Despite of various challenges the wait is finally over where Vairav is proud to announce a new version of Cyber Threat Monitoring System (CTMS) V 2.0. From planning to execution, the journey wasn’t smooth, however, the team and their spirit was alive and made it possible to release the new version. And we also like to thank our clients whose constant feedback has made us stronger and were able to achieve this. We are constantly trying to make difference in the industry of cyber security by giving our input in best way possible and the V.2.0 is one of the major accomplishment so far.

Vairav provides several different services such as Information System Audit (IS Audit), Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, (VAPT), GRC Services, Cyber Security Consultation, yet Vairav is delighted to be the only Cyber Security Operation Center as a Service provider from Nepal having our own product. With a team of experienced, qualified and dedicated members, we are able to achieve the success at very early stage since the establishment of the company.

So, what’s new? After providing services to several banks, payment gateway, Telecommunication, Health Technology and other industry organization, the learning from our drawbacks, the passion of our whole team for craving bigger and better, gave more power and energy to develop new version with even more exciting features. The V 1.0 already have 14 different capabilities to manage threats and compliance and now we have V2.0 with extra added features to serve the organization with more capabilities than ever.

What’s New in CTMS v2.0

1. Enhanced User Interface

CTMS has new User Interface for the plugin module so that analyst and security professional can use it in comfortable way.

2. Big Data Architecutre

CTMS new architecture is designed to handle the ingestion, processing, and analysis of data that is too large or complex for traditional SIEM architecture.

3. Report Plugin

CTMS has now more added inbuilt report template and now has the feature to add report template as per the customers need.

4. Correlation Engine

CTMS new upgraded correlation engine has in-built 1200 Correlation Rules and now has the facility to add any correlation rule as per the requirement. The correlation engine user interface has also been upgraded with new dashboards and audit trails.

5. Incident Response

CTMS now has new Incident Response Management module with the following features.


We are introducing new module “User and Entity Behavior Analytics” with the Artificial Intelligence Threat Detection engine. The Artificial Intelligence Threat Detection engine which is part of the UEBA has the following capabilities.

7. System Optimization

In order to optimize the performance of CTMS, we have:

8. Vairav OS

And finally, we are proud to present our own Operating System called “Vairav OS” based on Debian OS. Vairav OS has been by default configured as per the CIS benchmark and has the strict user access control. Vairav OS was built by our team to assist SIEM engineering team during the installation of CTMS.

Vairav is a foremost cyber security company to develop its own software to provide excellent security services having a goal of delivering CSOC services to all the business enterprise whether it is Big Enterprise, Small-Medium Enterprise or Startups. The challenges are high but our dedication is higher so, we believe that in next version, Vairav will come up with more groundbreaking solutions and features which will contribute in cyber security for the companies to defend their business.