Jul 04, 2022

The Misconceptions of Managed Detection and Response

Throughout the years, the confidentiality of data and resilience has been a major concern in the realm of cybersecurity.  From a small scale business to large enterprises, each organization is obliged to secure their security posture, at their best endeavors. Hence the term MSSP or a MDR is fairly popular in cybersecurity in today’s world.
Even though the marketplace has matured profoundly, lack of an absolute trust from the customer’s perspective has impacted the security service providers in a greater way. The fallacies prevailed in the business sphere have caused the major security providers to operate inefficiently, due to the lack of proper service provision as of the misbelief from the customer’s point of view.
So what really is a Managed Detection and Response (MDR)? Mentioned beneath are some contradictions to what a MDR really is, and what does it genuinely proffer to the security aspect of the businesses:

Fallacy 1: MDR is an insignificant constituent in cybersecurity.
Fact: MDR is responsible for the diverse business challenges such as low manpower, shortage of adept security professionals, service affordability, to name a few.
With an expert team of security professionals, Managed Detection and Response is provided by security service providers 24/7, 365 days a year to ease off the security burden from the client’s shoulder to the fullest. A proactive monitoring, detection and swift response to the latest trends of prevailing potential threats is what a MDR service proficiently provides.
Not only this, the hassles of the security operations are lessened to nearly at a zero proportion, as the service provider assures a full-fledged governance with an in-house SIEM framework, reducing the operational cost, meeting the compliance needs overall.

Fallacy 3: An organization must have an in-built Security Operations Center for MDR.
Fact: SOC-as-a-service is remotely managed by Security Service Providers.
With a 24/7 monitoring, detection and response to the threat sphere, managed detection and response is provided by security service providers through the means of on-premise or cloud-based approach. Hence, having an in-built SOC for the organizations is unworthy due to the expensive operational costs and hassles created due to the setup. Therefore, buying a SOC-as-a-service is far more beneficial and legitimate for organizations, as the security service providers offer an adept design, process and procedure to detect, mitigate and respond to the potential threats being solely responsible for the consequences. Moreover, operating an in-house SOC is fairly tedious, as the regular maintenance and upgrading of the hardware and software is a major hassle. On the other hand, the outsourced SOC provides a full-fledged implementation procedure as of the availability of latest and enhanced resources, research databases, thereby increasing the scalability of the organization at a greater extent.    

Fallacy 5: Every Security Operations Center offers MDR as a part of their security solution.
Fact: Without a prior knowledge of an organization's IT infrastructure, security service providers can’t operate a MDR service.
It is not always assured that a MDR service run by security service providers is an ideal one from the business security perspective. For instance, a MSSP may provide an unproven MDR solutions that comprise bloated features maximizing the cost and complexity, or inflexible security solutions that can’t be tailored to the organization’s unique IT sphere, as the team may not be adapted to the changing threat landscape requisites, in worst case scenarios.
Hence, the security service providers who perform round-the-clock monitoring, mitigation and response to threats with a defense-in-depth mechanism are the most preferred ones to offer a MDR service to your organization. A co-managed MDR solution that mitigates the security challenges provides top-notch security solutions at an affordable cost, with a team of expert IT professionals and security advisors 24/7, 365 days a year.