Jul 05, 2022

Managed SOC and its Prominence

Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-service, is an on-premise or a cloud-based security solution offered to your organization, with security analysts who proactively monitor your organization’s cloud environment, devices, logs and network for the absolute mitigation and response to threats in real-time. Due to the latest trends of the ever-growing threats, the proactive monitoring, detection and response of cyber-threats 24/7, 365 days a year has become fairly urgent and necessary in recent years.
Various cybersecurity companies offer customized SOC-as-a-service approaches depending upon the cybersecurity necessities of the organization; be it a small, medium-scale or a large enterprise. Deployed as a managed service offering, the managed on-premise or a cloud security service is carried out together with the organization's internal IT team to fully accomplish the detection, investigation and remediation of the potential threats and vulnerabilities.
However, is SOC-as-a-service as important to organizations as it seems? If it really is, how does it enhance the organization’s security posture? Let us have a quick overview.  

The Significance of SOC (Security Operations Center)
An integral part of data protection and security systems, a managed SOC aids to reduce the exposure of the information systems to potential risks - external and internal, thereby safeguarding your organization’s security viewpoint in an efficient manner.
Network Visibility: Managed SOC allows an absolute network visibility of your organization regardless of having a smaller, medium or bigger network infrastructure. When at times of server array configurations, software upgrades, or power surges, the attackers may spread out varied threats to breach your organization’s security premise. Hence, an adept security team is essential to dynamically discover endpoints, neglecting the manual procedures, before the attacker takes advantage of a loosened security foundation of your organization, anticipating and shielding the security sphere with the expert security mechanisms and control measures that the SOC provides.
Swift Detection Engineering: In the period of preventing and responding to attacks, the SOC team proactively builds top-notch strategies to detect the pool of threats as per their severity attaining overall security aspects. Hence, the organization can implement strategies beyond the perimeter of the attacker’s scope, thereby gaining access to threats, however acute they might be.
Incident Response: The SOC is apt to possess an agile and dynamic incident response, proficient at handling certain types of incidents that are vital to your organization. The control of flow of information within the organization’s infrastructure is crucial, in order to maintain the confidentiality of your organization’s data and information. Moreover, the usage of finest security policies and procedures to identify, restrain and eliminate cyberattacks is the major prerequisite of having a dedicated security operations center.  
Prevention of potential security hazards: In today’s cyber world, the attackers have the privileges of fine-tuned attack skill sets, hawk eyeing the vulnerable security rudiments of the organizations. Hence, an organization that lacks the possession of adept security mechanisms not only gets attacked by the potential threats, but also loses the track of a consistent business operation, in turn deteriorating the organization’s dignity and manoeuver. Therefore, having a dedicated SOC as the front-troopers of your security aids in acknowledging the upgraded threat culture beforehand, leading an attacker to capitulate and cease the attack procedures, consequently.

The Efficacy: Building VS buying the SOC
If your organization is well-aware of the after-effects of cyber-threats in the cybersecurity world, approaching a Security Operations Center to detect, mitigate and eliminate the threats or cyber-attacks should be a prime concern that your business needs to look after. But, what are the differences between building and buying a SOC for your organization? One must be clarified.
Cost as a major constituent: The operational costs of building an in-house SOC is fairly expensive, as hiring IT professionals 24/7, 365 days a year is a high-priced endeavor. At times, in spite of having a fair amount of investment may not result in fruitful outcomes, as the risk of hiring the ideal candidates is prevalent, as they might lack adept skill sets for the required tasks; a significant time-consumption is begotten in the process.
Whereas, acquiring a dedicated SOC or MSSP lessens the burden in your organization, reducing the operational costs with a greater efficiency in handling and resolving the threat approaches. Moreover, with a team of expert security professionals who handle your organization’s security for you is a boon, as the perilousness of the uncountable potential risks ceases thoroughly, 24/7, 365 days a year. Therefore, tailoring a top-notch security service plan as per your affordability is a privilege in the cybersecurity world.
Design, Process and Procedures: Once you outsource your security operation to an external SOC provider, they become responsible for every process, procedure and the structure to enact a first-rate security foundation for your organization. As they offer state-of-the-art protection with up-to-date cybersecurity measures, the attackers are at a greater impact, thereby losing interest in surging a threatened environment in your organization, due to complexity in breaching the security controls.
Moreover, the support provision is based at your requisite, leading to an establishment of a custom security operation solution that is appropriate for your organization’s security infrastructure. The timely report regarding the status of the services, on a weekly basis or even hourly basis is a major advantage, as your organization gets updated about the ongoing attack trends, facts and figures continually.

Implementation and Scalability: Rather than an in-house security operations center that is tedious to implement in the present scenario, the outsourced SOC thoroughly deals with highly potential cyber risks, leaving your organization’s IT infrastructure for varied profitable measures, increasing the scalability.
The regular updates and upgrades of the hardware and software tools is a hassle, due to its complexity and fair expense. Hence, the outsourced SOC can provide you a full-fledged implementation procedure due to the availability of latest and enhanced resources, research databases, amongst other benefits, increasing the scalability at a further range as compared to that of an in-house SOC scheme.

Up-to-the-minute Threat Intelligence: As the exponential rise in the threat evolution has overshadowed the sphere of the methodical cybersecurity world in the current era, the risks posed in the security premise of an organization can lead to a severe cyber catastrophe, if an organization has a loosened security structure. Hence, an up-to-date threat intelligence is a must for a pro-active governance and supervision of the notorious threats for any organization, ceasing the efforts of the attackers to breach their security posture.
Outsourcing the SOC solution for your organization offers the access to an advanced threat intelligence team that relies on internal research, has access to up-to-date threat databases and tools for exchange information in the global community of cybersecurity experts. Moreover, with a blend of strategical, tactical, operational and technical threat intelligence proffered by the SOC, the defense potentialities are enhanced, the decision capabilities are assisted by faultless predictions to track and locate threat actors, precluding the misuse or theft of information assets in the long run.